Improving the capabilities of your validator in OKP4

3 min readDec 30, 2022


🪐 Cosmos is the future for building decentralized applications. The OKP4 project is one of is a domain-specific layer-1 dedicated to trust-minimized data sharing. The goal is to implement data exchange and processing services in a safe, transparent, reliable and simple way in order to obtain the maximum amount of new knowledge.

If you are not familiar with the project, we recommend reading this article:

Our article will focus on current or future OKP4 owners. We want to tell you how easy it is to run your own node on OKP4 and what services you can create to help the OKP4 validator community.

Our article will be divided into episodes. We suggest reading each episode step by step so as not to miss important moments.

Episode 1

Introduction to blockchain for validators

If you do not run a node on OKP4, then it is very easy to run it!
The step by step process looks like this:

Process run a node

If you do not have a node and want to manually install it, we suggest using official documentation:
We also have an installation guide:

Instructions for the operation of STAKEME Bot

Installation’s very easy

Install a node

You can monitor the status of your node in one click

Information node

In addition, you can create a validator or manage your wallet right in the interface

Wallet info

The most important feature of the bot is that you can receive important notifications. You won’t miss a thing

Alarm node

Episode 2

Support for your validator

After we figured out how to install a node and receive notifications from it, we can start improving our validator. Let’s start with redelegate.

A redelegate — partial or full delegation of all your validator rewards to your node.

We have written a simple script that will allow you to set up redelegate without difficulty.

Install NodeJS
curl -s | bash
npm install shelljs — cli && npm install readline-sync — cli

Run script
curl -s | bash

After running the script and easy intuitive setup, you will be able to see the result in the blockchain

Redelegate transatctions

Episode 3

Helping other validators

First of all, it will be great if you were able to provide an addrbook validator, your peer, api
To get a peer, you can use the commands:

ID=$(curl -s | jq
LISTEN_ADDR=$(curl -s | jq .result.node_info.listen_addr)
echo -e “$ID@$LISTEN_ADDR”

You can also share addrbook.json
It is most likely located on the path $HOME/.okp4d/config/addrbook.json


We analyzed the blockchain and prepared a table with uptime validators

Uptime validators okp4

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