FAUCETME: A Simple and Reliable Way to Get Tokens 🚀

3 min readNov 24, 2023


Updated faucet from STAKEME Developments.

FAUCETME is a smart faucet that swiftly and conveniently distributes tokens to users. Get test tokens from various projects and different networks (Cosmos/Ethereum) all in one place.

We’ve already demonstrated on our social networks how easy and quick it is to obtain Linea tokens.
Now let’s try getting testnet-tokens in faucet with an example on Scroll project.

Scroll Network seamlessly expands Ethereum’s capabilities through zero-knowledge proof technology and compatibility with the EVM. It’s an L2 network created by Ethereum developers for Ethereum developers.

  1. Discord Authorization

Two simple steps to start using the faucet:

  • Authorize via your Discord account
  • Join the STAKEME server.

This is done to ensure fair and monitored token distribution directly by the projects. Additionally, the server has a role system. The higher your role, the more tokens you receive (each project sets the distribution amount for different roles). The key is to be active and assist projects.

2. Updated Dashboard

Choose Scroll, input your wallet — receive tokens. What could be simpler? We’ve designed everything to be convenient and understandable even for beginners using the faucet.

3. Everything in Your Profile

Now In the faucet’s update has been added a user “personal page”. Right here, you can connect your Cosmos/Ethereum wallets (to avoid entering them every time), view transaction statistics and request tokens on the “Projects” page.

The best part is the auto-issuance. Yes! Everything is set up so that you just save your wallet on the “Auto-issuance” page and select projects. Tokens will then automatically arrive in your wallets.

4. Cooldowns-timer

Time limitations are one of the criteria for token distribution by projects. Cooldowns are now always displayed in the profile and on the dashboard so that you know when you can request tokens again. If auto-issuance is set, tokens will definitely arrive, so no need to worry.

5. Interface Convenience

This update also introduces a light theme and a user-friendly mobile version. The faucet should always be everywhere with you!

The updated FAUCETME from the STAKEME Developments team becomes a convenient multi-chain faucet, allowing you to quickly request tokens and gather useful information. Try out the faucet version and we’ll await your feedback on our channels and social networks

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By the way, there’s a promotional video in STAKEME socials for an even better understanding and simplicity of actions




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