BounceBit validation

3 min readApr 22, 2024


Today, the blockchain market is crowded with projects and information among them. It is difficult to distinguish which projects would have a real impact on the network and which would stay for a long time.

Therefore, it is vital to choose reliable projects if you want to stake your money is such of them. Also the same could be say about network validation. Validators is going as a huge role for the project and the community, so validators should do their job responsibly and be responsible for any consequences.

STAKEME thoroughly select projects where we can act as validator. The key role is a significance of the blockchain developments One of such essential project for us is the BounceBit Network.

BounceBit stands as the inaugural native BTC Restaking chain, ensuring its network’s security by staking Bitcoin and BounceBit tokens. Its Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mechanism offers a novel dual-token staking system that combines the security of native Bitcoin with the versatility of full EVM compatibility.
Network made a significant breakthrough in introducing a hybrid DeFi and CeFi yield model. This allows Bitcoin holders to generate returns through native validator staking, a DeFi ecosystem, and a CeFi mirroring method facilitated by Ceffu and Mainnet Digital.

BounceBit is constructing a Bitcoin restaking infrastructure that forms the base layer for a variety of restaking products. It ensures safety through the regulated custody services of Mainnet Digital and Ceffu.
The BounceBit chain, conceived as a demonstration of a restaking product within the BounceBit ecosystem, operates as a PoS Layer 1 secured by validators who stake both Bitcoin and BounceBit’s native token. This dual-token system harnesses the security of native Bitcoin, maintaining full EVM compatibility. Essential ecosystem infrastructures such as bridges and oracles are safeguarded by restaked Bitcoin. With its innovative CeFi + DeFi structure, BounceBit enables Bitcoin holders to earn yields across several networks.

We are really pleased to announce the BounceBit validation and also of the project integration in our the updated explorer.
BounceBit live in EXPLOREME

And we also provide RPC support for the project:

The status of our projects, nodes and networks is now available through STAKEME Status

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